Cute Candy Color Stretch Denim! DIY girls summer shorts!

Cute Candy Color Stretch Denim! DIY girls summer shorts with 3 fun looks. 

Let’s get started! For these sweet little candy color shorts here’s what you’ll need: 

Step 1: Fold pants or shorts in half laying them flat. Trace both front and back to desired length. Make sure to include seam allowance.

To draft the waistband pattern, measure the front pattern waistline, then measure back pattern waistline. Since the fabric does stretch and we are not using any closures, subtract 2” off total measurement. I used 4” for the waistband width that will be folded in half to create a 2” wide band.  Make sure to include all seam allowances.  This will give a nice easy pull-on fit. 

Step 2:  Back pockets: I included real back pockets for added detail. I was able to freehand the shape of the pockets using the grid on the pattern paper.  As always, make sure to include seam allowance. See below: 

Step 3:  With right sides together, cut out all fabric pieces: 

  • Front - cut 2
  • Back - cut 2
  • Waist band - cut 2 on fold
  • Pockets - cut 2

Step 4: Fold over each pocket edge and stitch at 3/8” all the way around.  Measure down 2” from waist and pin each pocket at center back.

Sew over stitch line to hold pocket in place leaving the top open. To finish pocket, sew second stitch 1/8” away from edge.  Pin short backs together at center back seam and stitch.

Step 5:

  • Pin fronts together at center seam and stitch.
  • Pin front to back at side seams and stitch
  • Pin front bottom opening to back bottom opening and stitch

Step 6: With right sides of fabric together, pin waistband to top of shorts matching at side seams and stitch all the way around stretching waistband to fit. Fold top of waistband to inside and stitch 1/8” away from edge for clean finish.

Step 7: Fold up leg opening 1” and hem. Press shorts to finish and you're done!

Here are 2 more looks you can make using the same pattern! Bermuda short: 

  • Adjust pattern length to right below the knee.

Tie-waist short: 

  • Remove back pockets
  • Add 1” slit to bottom sides
  • Add 6” length to waistband for tie front