DIY Girls Swimsuit - How to Sew 2 Easy Super Cute looks!

School’s out, summer is here and beaches are open!! Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to create 2 adorable swimsuits for a sweet little girl. Want to know the best part? We are going to use a swimsuit that she already has to create them! 
Here’s what you’ll need: Items below can be purchased at

Step 1: First, go ahead and grab the bathing suit you already own.  I’m using a 1-piece racer-back swimsuit to create 2 different looks. Turn swimsuit inside out. Match the side seams together. Fold your fabric with right sides together. Pin suit to fabric on the fold as shown.  Take your time and carefully trace along the outside of the swimsuit to create front and back pattern pieces.  (DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE ROOM FOR SEAM-ALLOWANCE)

Step 2: Once you’ve traced both the front and back, the pattern pieces should look like this...see below. Take a few minutes to measure the side seams and shoulder seams to make sure they match up. 

Step 3: I created the second swimsuit by using the pattern I just cut.  This swimsuit will have straps instead of a racer-back. To make the back straps, I measured the width of the shoulder seams on front straps and the length of the original racer back to the bottom of arm opening. I pinned my pattern pieces to my next fabric print and cut.

Step 4: For each suit, with right sides together pin at side seams and serge or stitch. Pin bottom front opening to bottom back opening and serge or stitch. Pin shoulder seams together and or back straps, serge or stitch to finish. Measure and cut elastic for armholes (or straps depending on swimsuit) and for the leg openings. 

  • Pin elastic in place around armholes, and leg openings- stitch down 1/8" away from edge.
  • Turn in seam allowance with elastic, stitch and stretch elastic as you sew to finish.

For added detail: Cut one strip of fabric about 22”x3”. Fold in half with right sides together and stitch along length. Use the loop turner to pull the tube right side out Cut and make two bows to hand stitch at sides. Finish neck opening and straps with rolled hem and stitch. And you’re done!

**Bonus headband** Measure head and include 1” for seam allowance. Cut width to desired thickness. With right sides facing, stitch along length. Turn tube right side out. Fold in half and stitch openings closed. Make another smaller tube to tie at exposed middle seam. See photos below.

If you'd like to make a cute, lace-up adult swim suit we have more posts here!

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