Girls Brocade Summer Dress

This dress was inspired by the many dresses I wore when I was my daughters age. Spaghetti straps and smocking, remember? I loved those dresses! This dress has that same silhouette, so the pattern was pretty simple to create. 

It can be challenging to find special occasion dresses in the summer, so I chose this beautiful lightweight pink striped brocade from Mood Designer Fabrics.

Product#FP19643 on

Brocades are embossed with metallic threads giving the fabric just the right amount of shimmer. 

I hand stitched a few gem stones and gold beading to the front for a special touch. Matching buttons and bow at back finishes the look perfectly!  

Hope you are inspired to try a brocade for your next girls dress project. 

Happy sewing! Enjoy.  

My baby girl Jordyn loves her dress! 


Designed and sewn by Shavonne Cruz