Lace-up Swimsuit Tutorial

Summer is basically here and one-piece swimsuits are so hot this season! This lace-up trend is everywhere! Here is a great pattern from Vogue that makes adding this detail effortless.

For this swimsuit, I will be using Vogue Pattern V9192 Style B Here’s what you’ll need: All tools and notions can be purchased at 



Prep: Cut out patterns and elastic guides

  • Discard front strap pattern pieces. We are making a cute lace up!
  • Cut out fabric and transfer all marking from pattern to fabric

Step 1: Front At side edge of front piece, base stitch and gather fabric between notches and small markings as shown.  

Step 2: Pin with right sides together and stitch at center front. You can finish raw edges with an over-lock, or zigzag stitch.

Step 3: Cut 2 pieces of elastic for center front and straps. Use the elastic guide for measurement. Place elastic 3/8” away from edge, pin and stitch along edge as shown.  Make sure to stretch elastic to fit as you sew.

  Step 4: Turn the seam allowances in with the elastic. Stitch along edge to finish as shown. 

Step 5: Front opening- This is where we make our adjustment for the lace up front. 

  • Measure a strip of fabric 18”x 2”
  • Fold over and pin
  • Stitch along side using 5/8” seam allowance and trim
  • Use the loop turner to pull fabric right side out. This can be tricky, but be patient-you'll get it!
  • Place strap starting at bottom of neck opening. Pin and cut as you go. Criss-crossing as you pin. Repeat until you reach your desired “lace-up” height
  • Stitch in place and trim off edges for clean finish

Step 6:  Back. Cut 1 strip of elastic. Pin elastic along the curved edge. Stitch in place 3/8” away from the edge. Turn back seam allowance with elastic and stitch.

Step 7: Pin front and back together at sides and stitch. Press seams towards back.

Step 8: Cut 2 pieces of elastic for the armhole and remaining length of strap.  Use your elastic guide for measurement. 

  • Place elastic 3/8” from edge and pin at armhole and remaining length of strap.
  • Stitch elastic down at edge. Turn in seam allowance along with elastic, stitch to finish.

Step 9:  With right sides together, fold tie ends pin and stitch. Trim seam allowance. 

  • Cut 2 elastic pieces the length of your ties. Place elastic and tie end together, hook and pull through using the loop turner.
  • Pin each tie in place at back and stitch.
  • Bring the top edge of shoulder strap to the back, pin and stitch in place.

Step 10: Bottom front and back brief- Pin lining to wrong sides of fabric and stitch in place. (I’ve decided to only line the bottom of my swimsuit.

  • With right sides facing pin front brief to back brief and stitch starting at crotch. Stretch to fit curved edge.
  • Stitch together at sides matching notches and markings.

Step 11: Cut 2 pieces of elastic for leg opening using the elastic guide as ref. 

  • Pin along the entire length of opening. Stitch 3/8” away from edge stretching elastic to fit as you go.
  • Turn back seam allowance with elastic and stitch to finish.

Step 12: With right sides together, pin bottom brief to top at waist seam. Match notches and all markings. Stitch to finish garment and you’re done!