Navajo Print Maxi Duster


Yes! Yes, and yes!! Mood Designer Fabrics does it again with this stunning Italian Geometric Printed Crepe!

Let me just say, as soon as I saw this print online the image of what I was going to make popped into my head in an instant! That’s how hot this print was! I imagined a long flowing, Maxi Length Duster, to compliment a pair of crisp white linen pants and a white tank I already owned.

When I received the fabric, it was even more beautiful in person. And the price- unbelievable!

The print itself is very gorgeous. This geometric Navajo print is such a classic elegant design. The colors, mustard, navy- blue, black and cream are the perfect combination for any summer look. It's even great for transitioning into Fall.

Once I knew that I was going to make a floor length Maxi Duster, I thought to myself, "What's the best way to showcase this lovely print?" As I played around in my workspace draping the fabric around my shoulders, I decided to cut the fabric on the weft side. This way I could achieve having the border along the bottom of my duster and my sleeves.

When it came to the shape and fit, I knew I wanted it oversized and cozy. There wasn’t any one particular pattern or style that I could find to get this look. So, you know me, I like to improvise. I traced one of my husband’s t-shirts to get that cozy oversized shape.

It was perfect and simple, just how I wanted it. 5 easy pattern pieces is all it took. No lining, no facing, no fuss!

The Duster turned out fabulous! There are so many ways I could wear it: as a cover-up to the beach, over a black slip dress, or maybe with a t-shirt and tank top! The possibilities are endless!


Here’s what I used:

A quick look at how I traced the t-shirt to get my pattern.