Scuba Knit Swimwear

Yes, It’s officially swimsuit season! I can’t think of anything better than being able to create a swimsuit that fits you for who you are on the inside and out. For me personally, it’s always been a struggle shopping for swimwear. With so many options in the market it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Once I realized how easy and simple it was to make a bathing suit, I never turned back!  Not to mention, all swimwear is not for everyone. With that being said, there are plenty of wonderful bathing suit patterns that you can use as a starting point to customize your own look and needs.

For this swimsuit, I was inspired by the one piece “Scuba Style”.  I also wanted to add a little playful touch with an open back. After having two kids, I'll be the first to admit I’m not too comfortable wearing anything close to a bikini :)  Now an illusion of a two piece I can do!  I found this absolutely beautiful peacock patterned scuba knit at Mood Fabrics. The colors are simply beautiful, and the pattern was perfect for the look I wanted!

Swimwear is one of my favorite things to sew and it’s really simple once you get the hang of it! Make sure you check out my complete tutorial from last summer using this very same pattern!

Here’s what I used:

I started off by using draping tape to outline the shape I wanted. I transferred my seam lines onto muslin and my markings onto pattern paper as you would with any draping project.

Next, I was able to use a simple t-shirt pattern for the sleeves, and to also achieve the look of a cropped back. Pattern V9192 was only used for the bottom portion.   

If you plan on using a serger to finish your edges as I did, I strongly suggest using the maxilock stretch serger thread.  It’s soft to the touch and stretches nicely with ease. Perfect for swimwear.

I’m really pleased with the outcome! I hope you enjoy making your swimsuit just as much as I did, and don’t forget to grab your swatch tote as you head to the beach!