The Xylosma Dress - Free Sewing Pattern from Mood Fabrics

dress siting.jpg

Ok ladies, I’m going to get straight to the point! This is undeniably a “Get’em Girl” dress, a “Freak’em” dress or “Get Your Entire Life” dress! LOL!!

Maybe you’ve just got out of a bad relationship and you want to remind them that it’s their loss! Perhaps you’ve lost a few pounds and want to show of your new shape. Or for that matter, maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, and want to show off those curves! For me, it’s simply the fact that I’m looking forward to turning 40 next year and I feel freaking amazing!

Whatever your motivation or driving force may be, make sure you download your free Xylosma Dress pattern by Mood Fabrics. This stretch leather that I used is so soft and supple and feels amazing in this fitted dress. The leather has a smooth backing so there really isn’t a need for a lining. The high collar and long sleeves was giving me all kinds of Matrix vibes! This is a fun, and easy sew! Enjoy and go "Get'em" girl!!

Fabrics & materials used:

Pattern Pieces: Click here for your free pattern- (Once you get to the page, scroll down, fill out the form and you will be sent the link for the pattern)

  • Center Front cut 1x on fold in Ponte

  • Side Front cut 2x in Black Stretch leather

  • Center Back cut 2x in Ponte

  • Side Back cut 2x in Black Stretch leather

  • Sleeves cut 2x in Black Stretch leather

  • Collar cut 4x in Black Stretch leather, cut 2x in fusible stiffener.

Step 1: (A) With right sides together, pin (or clamp) side fronts to center front at princess seams and stitch.

*Note: This stretch leather is thin enough to pin and very easy to sew with a heavy-duty needle, or leather needle. (B) Once panels are sewn together, clip into curved area of seam allowance to allow fabric to lay nicely. (C) Topstitch along the leather side of fabric to keep the seam flat.


Step 2: With right sides together, pin side back to center back at side back princess seams and stitch.

Follow A, B, C as in step 1.


Step 3: Right sides facing pin dress at shoulder seams stitch together.

Shoulder seams.jpg

Step 4: With right sides facing, pin front of dress to dress back at sides seams and stitch. Trim seam allowance as necessary.

Step 5: Baste stitch fusible to wrong side of leather on collar (both facing pieces only). Do not iron on. Once in place, pin collar facings to outer collar pieces right sides together.

Collar facing.jpg

Step 6: Attach collar to neck: With right sides up, start at center back neck of dress and pin right sides of collars to neck edge. Collar notches should match up with shoulder seams. Sew across neck edge to tip of collar at CF. Clip into curved seam allowances before turning collar.

Turn collar folding seam allowance in and hand stitch along inside neck. Top stitch collars along outer edges (optional).

pinned collar.jpg
baste stitch.jpg

Step 7: Zipper: You can use an invisible zipper or just a regular zipper as I did. I think the exposed zipper gives it a little more edge. Start at top of neck, and pin zipper in place at CB.

Sew in zipper. On the inside, hand stitch loose zipper tape in place onto collar. You can also add a hook and eye closure at top for extra security.

pinned zipper.jpg

8. Sleeves: Fold each sleeve with right sides together and stitch seams. With right sides together set in sleeve and pin at armhole matching notches. Trim seam allowance to reduce bulk at arm hole. Turn in sleeve opening and finish with 1” hem. 

Finished sleeve.jpg

9. Turn up hem 1” at dress bottom edge and finish.

bottom hem.jpg
Dress back .jpg
Dress side.jpg
dress front.jpg
side view.jpg
Dress front2.jpg